Nottingham Parking Tickets

t-jodieAll our driving schools pupils after passing their driving test at at any of the many driving test centers in Nottingham will have to be extremely careful when parking their newly bought cars in the City of Nottingham.

Be warned that motorists will only be allowed 5 minutes to buy a parking ticket when parking in Nottingham as part of Nottingham City Council’s attempt to bridge a huge shortfall in their budget, the old time leeway used to be 10 minutes as we all know but that will now be halved… A brief warning which we hope will guide all our previous pupils who often visit our Elevate Driving School news page to keep current on motoring news even after they have passed their driving test with us here at Elevate, a Nottingham Driving School. There are lots of alternative areas in which you can park in the City Center all which have well policed areas to park and CCTV which will help to prevent vehicle crime and other forms of anti social behaviour which can happen when leaving your vehicle unnattended. You could always consider leaving your car at home safely tucked away in the garage or on the driveway and use alternative forms of transport into and out from the City Center for example the bus or with Nottinghams new Tram System, getting around Nottingham to do some shopping is just getting easier and easier

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