It can be an absolute minefield when you go anywhere to book driving lessons online so transparency must be key so we do not hide anything behind cheap introductory offers hence why we display all our deals and prices and offers here at our website so you can compare them to other driving schools. All online purchases and block bookings, introductory offers and pre paid gift vouchers have an expiry date which is 4 weeks plus the number purchased. If in any event your pre paid gift vouchers do not arrive due to postal complications your online payment receipt and photo identification acts as the same purchase and allow you to access your driving tuition service.We know you will find other driving schools doing lessons a pound or two cheaper but do those driving schools get hundreds of driving test passes each year like we do here at Elevate. We also know we could charge a pound or two higher such is the quality of our assembled team but we are trying to give you our valued customer TVFM- Total Value For Money. With all those online cheap driving lesson deals, who is a fully qualified driving instructor and who isn’t a fully qualified driving instructor, is the driving school big enough to cater for your individual tuition needs, what will the driving school do if I have a problem with my learning process etc etc ?? Makes for a difficult decision when choosing driving schools and trying to find the right driving instructor for you or your family member or loved one. It makes common sense to assume that no tradesman worth their salt in any profession is going to give away their service for free or for less than minimum wage ( would you, knowing how good you were ? ) and quality driving instructors in Nottingham and our driving instructors in Derby are no different in that respect, so here at Elevate Driving School we do not do FREE driving lessons, but what we will do is give you TVFM -Total Value For Money.  We feel you literally won’t get a better driving lesson deal anywhere else, and of that we are convinced. If in the highly unlikely and extremely rare situation you have a problem with your learning process, what we will do here at Elevate Driving School is look into it and in line with our terms and conditions, some of which are printed on the back of your appointment card and we will see if there is anything we can do to resolve the situation, such is the 100% commitment  of our hand picked team of highly rated driving instructors and that of our Management Team and Founder /C.E.O that we have to you our valued customer, so make your online purchase now with confidence here, at Elevate Driving School. Please be aware of the following (a) We can investigate your complaint and can allow extensions to lesson Expiry Dates if you the pupil or the payee or purchaser contacts our office personally by either text to 07811788760 or by e.mailing as long as the following 2 conditions are met- 1: The lessons or purchase made online or otherwise has not passed yet their Natural Expiry Date 2: The lessons or purchase made online or otherwise have not yet been redeemed or started. (b) All refunds made online incur a 5% admin and transaction charge of the total purchase amount