Elevate Driving School and Your Instructor

It is the pupil’s responsibility to make all agents of Elevate Driving School including telephone operators aware at all times if there are any underlying reasons that our agents may be unaware of that may impact on the advice necessary to give to you. You must make us aware of any condition, illness or medication which may disaffect your ability to undertake driving lessons or your driving test, in particular any medication that you may be taking. Your driving instructor is a self-employed agent who receives referrals from Elevate driving school and is NOT an Elevate Company Employee. During their 6 month initial probationary period with Elevate if they constantly have complaints of the same nature, they are immediately removed from Team Elevate… All our instructors will not tolerate rude or threatening behaviour from any pupils.. The driving school acts purely as a referral agent for driving instructors to book pupils in and on occasions to receive payments on behalf of your driving instructor which we immediately debit into your driving instructors account. Pupils ideally would always make further subsequent payments directly to their driving instructor and in the first instance all your concerns or complaints should be directed to your driving instructor. The driving school whenever necessary will supply information and documentation to Elevate Driving School staff and process pupil online payments for lessons on behalf of your driving  instructor. The contract for driving lessons and all business and financial transactions including driving test bookings and cancellations is solely between the pupil and your Self Employed driving instructor. For you to ensure your driving instructor is available for your driving test date and time, you must have been in touch with your driving instructor by text or e.mail at least 28 days prior to your driving test and also must have taken a driving lesson at least 14 days prior to your driving test date and unless you and your instructor agree to the contrary, you must not have cancelled any driving lessons in the 7 days immediately prior to and before your driving test date or your driving instructor retains the right to not allow you to use their car for your driving test. All driving instructors throughout the UK have a professional obligation to not allow pupils to attend for test in their car if they consider the test candidate to be a risk to other road users while on test.                                  

Payments and lesson bookings

You must pay for any lesson before you start the engine of your car to begin your lesson unless you have some pre arranged agreement with your driving instructor and all pre paid lesson purchases have a strict expiry date, you should not make a purchase if you are in anyway unclear as to the expiry date of your  purchase.You can make payment by using one of the following methods:

  • Payment Online at our Website by credit or debit card
  • Driving School pre paid gift card or Cash
  • Pre Paid voucher and gift cards have no cash value and have to be redeemed against lessons
  • Vouchers or Gift Cards will not be accepted if defaced or altered in any way
  • Voucher and gift cards are not transferable once they have been redeemed.
  • Payment by cash or cheque direct to your instructor (any cheque must be made payable to your instructor).
  • Elevate School of Motoring has no responsibility or liability for pupil’s payments made by any other means.
  • If the pupil pays an instructor directly by any method, they should obtain a receipt or have the payment signed off on their appointment card.
  • Elevate Driving School accepts no responsibility for any payments made directly to driving instructors.

Special offers and discounts

Elevate Driving School has a range of offers and discounts available to new and existing pupils and we reserve the right to introduce (and to withdraw) special offers and discounts from time to time depending on availability and the economy. All online and cash purchases of special offers, introductory deals, pre paid gift vouchers and block bookings have expiry dates of the number purchased from the date of purchase which begins from the date of purchase + 4 extra weeks…. ( ie a purchase of 6 expires 10 weeks later and a purchase of 8 expires 12 weeks later )

Our introductory offer of lessons are only available to new learners who have never driven in their life before at all and who have never taken or passed a driving test in any other country. Anyone who has taken up any of the Total Beginner offers and has shown to have driven in the past is subject to the full recovery of the cost of the lesson or lessons taken at the usual lesson rate.

Introductory offers only apply to manual driving lessons and at this point in time special offers and introductory deals are not available for automatic lessons.

Fraud prevention

Pupil lessons are only valid if they are purchased through the channels outlined in the ‘Payments and lesson bookings’ section set out above. In the event that lessons were not purchased in accordance with the foregoing terms, Elevate Driving School reserve the right to suspend or discontinue your driving  lessons with immediate effect.

An investigation will then be conducted by us in order to check the validity of the purchase. Where the results of the investigation determine that the lessons are not valid they will not be given and Elevate Driving School shall have no liability in these circumstances and may seek recompense for any lessons taken.

Limitation of liability

Elevate Driving School and its driving instructors are not liable to pupil for any loss or damage caused where, and to the extent that there is no breach of a legal duty owed to pupil by the relevant person or body or if such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such a breach or for matters outside of the reasonable control of the relevant person or body.

Elevate Driving School and its instructors shall not, in any event, be liable for losses relating to any business interests pupils may have including, without limitation, lost profits, lost earnings, loss of opportunity or business or business interruption and pupils are reminded that Elevate Driving School is not a party to the contract for driving lesson itself, which is between you the pupil and your instructor. 

Everything mentioned above or listed any where in our terms and conditions does not in any way disaffect any statutory rights that you the pupil may have as a consumer.

Refund policy and warranty

Pupils are entitled to discontinue pre paid blocks of lessons with your driving instructor at any time (provisions relating to cancellation, see ‘Cancellation of lessons’ above). If the pupil has not yet taken any lesson(s) or cancelled any lessons late at the time of cancellation and the purchase has not gone beyond the expiry date, they are entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid online to Elevate Driving School minus a 5% banking and transaction charge where refunds are made directly from Elevate Driving School of the total purchase amount. Elevate or your driving instructor must be made aware if your contact telephone number changes BEFORE your purchase expires. As long as those lessons purchased online have not gone beyond their expiry date subject to the points below

  • In the first instance you the pupil and customer must direct all business and financial matters directly to your driving instructor, the person who has subsequently received your payment in full and agreed lesson provision with you. Your driving instructor is Self Employed and is responsible for refunding you either by cash or account transfer.
  • All online transactions for pre paid gift vouchers if in the event the pre paid gift vouchers do not arrive, your online receipt and photo identification acts as the same purchase and can be used to access the service of driving tuition.
  • If the pupil has taken lesson(s) at the time of cancellation, the pupil will be charged our standard rate or the higher rate for each lesson taken up to the point of cancellation plus a banking and transaction charge of either £26 OR 5% of the actual original purchase amount a fee which is necessary to arrange and facilitate the refund and any subsequent correspondence.
  • Outstanding driving lessons can only be transferred between driving instructors with the expressed agreed permission of the driving instructor who has received any monies for a pupils driving lessons.
  • Elevate Driving School and our instructors reserve the right to refund pupils by any method deemed appropriate but whenever possible by a cash transaction usually by BACS.
  • Elevate driving School may request additional information from you to confirm your identity in order to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and ensure your legal entitlement to drive.
  • We will also use this information to ensure adherence to our Merchant Operating Instructions for online payment facilities.
  • Refunds usually take up to 7 – 14 working days to reach the pupil or their account.
  • Our driving instructors just like DSA employees and any other service provider can refuse to continue lessons, blocks of lessons or courses with immediate effect if they feel in any way intimidated or threatened by the actions or behaviour of a pupil and any subsequent refund from your driving instructor should be in line with our terms and conditions.
  • Refund in part of any introductory offers of first 5 lessons for £165  or 8 for £248 all lessons taken will be charged at the full current standard lesson rate of £35 with a £26 administration fee. It would be in your best interests whenever possible to complete your introductory deal offer or your block booking first and then if you are still unhappy ring our Office on 01158 717475 and we will allocate you a new driving instructor and allow you to have another Special Offer.
  • Refund of partial block bookings shall be calculated based on the rate set against the number of lesson taken. (example: if only 5 lessons are taken from a block of 10 lessons purchase, refund calculation will based at  5 lessons taken at Standard Rate or the higher rate + a £26 Admin Fee ) That is the MAXIMUM any of our Self Employed driving instructors should charge you.
  • If the pupil has paid using a prepaid gift card or voucher, we will not be able to proceed to any cash refund to you directly ( unless you made the original purchase ) after redemption of the card or voucher but would refund you further vouchers absolutely no problem once all information necessary has been collated.
  • If you the pupil have paid your instructor for the lesson and wish to cancel, your driving instructor will refund to you adhering to the same principles as set out above and which are also outlined briefly on the back of your appointment card and most often it is in your best interests financially to complete the pre paid block of lessons. Nothing contained within these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer.