Driving lessons in Nottingham and some driving school reviews from a few of our previous learner drivers who passed their driving test with one of our Elevate Driving Schools Instructors


A year ago 2day I passed my driving test all thanks to Julian still can’t thank you enough matey had some bad news other day tho might have some kind of epilepsy really hope I haven’t because having a licence has changed mine and my boys lives and I don’t wanna have to give it up anyway appreciate all your help in gettin me to pass and not letting me give up ♥ xx — with Elevate Elevate Elevate. ( From Kirsty Natasha Curtis )

Kirsty Natasha Curtis


Choosing Elevate Driving School for my driving lessons was an easy choice because my brother passed with them before he went to University. Initially I wanted the same Instructor but couldn’t get in with him so I was assigned a Lady Driving Instructor called Brenda… Too be honest I was a touch worried at 1st but I shouldn’t have been, cos Brenda never missed a trick and was bang on with all of her instructions, friendly, never miserable, and always on time… Of course I was happy to pass 1st time at Colwick Test Center, I went through Nottingham City Center and the Lace Market on my Driving Test  too and I definately would have flopped if Brenda hadn’t have been so on point with me on each of my driving lessons……. I’m truly Blessed !!

Teddy Bruckshot


Thanks so much to julian ( elevate ) for all the help and getting me through my test, never drove a car before going to elevate passed in 6months shows how good this driving school really is!!

Jodie Cain

Lenton Abbey

Tan is a very good driving instructor who didn’t just help me pass my test we’ve now got a good friendship and I plan to keep in touch with him , I also found him and Elevate School Of Motoring on Facebook. Tan wasn’t harsh which is good, but firm when he needed to be if I was making any mistakes..When I didn’t think I was good enough to pass my test he assured me I was… I felt at ease during my lessons… The best way to describe Tan in my eyes is like the teacher at school who you respected and you could feel at ease and have a laugh with. Anyone who’s wanting to start driving lessons with Elevate driving school I would recommend Tan as a instructor to go with…

Ashley Thomas


I was with a different instructor and driving school but people kept telling me to switch so I changed to Elevate, I had Julian as my driving instructor and he was wicked, seriously, from day 1… Newer car, smartly dressed, ( he had a thing about not swearing in his car ) and he was sooooooooo funny on my driving lessons, I’ve never had so much joke while I’ve been learning anything in my life… He had a weird kinda way of telling you, you were doing something wrong, why you were doing it wrong and how you could stop yourself from doing it but without it sounding like you were at school (thats what made it weird ).. Plus he was my kinda guy, everywhere we drove on my driving lessons it was like everyone knew him. He used to always say ” Driving’s Fun and believe all the Hype about me being an amazing driving instructor ” ha ha ha… I could never forget my Driving Instructor, I’ve sent lots of people to Julian and if they couldnt get in with him, they passed with another Elevate driving instructor…If you get to read this Julian “You are a Legend “



Life wasn’t great for me at the time when I started taking my driving lessons with Elevate driving school I was struggling to work regularly and I had a bit of a problem with being told what to do. I was amazed at just how helpfull my driving instructor was, he never shouted at me or tried to belittle me which for some reason that is what i expected to happen.. He didnt smoke and his car was always clean and smelt fresh and he was always on time give or take 3 or 5 minutes. Elevate was a bit more money than other quotes that I had for driving lessons but once I’d started taking my lessons with my driving instructor I could see why they were slightly more money than my mates driving instructor, for example my car was like 6 months old but my mates car was like 5 years old and stuff, sometimes my mates instructor just wouldnt turn up  and I used to laugh at him because my driving instructor Steven Fisher was so reliable I could set my clocks by him. I passed 1st time and I send anyone who asks for a driving instructor to Steven but I do tell them that basically just get any of their driving instructors because in my area of the people that I know, no one really goes to any other driving school.. My life improved no end after, I started working, bought a car, met a nice lady Elevate were all that and a bag of chips.

Liam Russell