Automatic Driving Lessons


Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving lessons provided by fully qualified automatic driving instructors in Nottingham, registered with the DVSA and associated with an automatic Driving School Nottingham.


Automatic Driving lessons Nottingham

Automatic Driving instructors  in Nottingham provided by automatic driving instructors locally throughout the City.

Regular weekly automatic lessons or automatic intensive driving courses and automatic crash courses provided by fully qualified driving instructors in Nottingham from Elevate Driving School.

Automatic Driving instructors in Nottingham with modern dual controlled automatic cars.

DBS checked and DVSA registered Nottingham Driving instructors.

If driving a manual car is stressful for you and you are thinking of stopping driving or maybe the driving school you are taking lessons with doesn’t provide auto instructors. If so, give Elevate a call because we do have Male and female instructors who are all eager to get you passed your driving test in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Our auto driving instructors adopt a client centred approach and work alongside you in deciding what and how is the best way for you to develop your driving skills at a pace that you are totally comfortable with. In 1998 only 15% of the UK Driving population drove automatic cars but today in 2019 that is currently up to about 25% and the number is rising each year.–why-more-drivers-than-ever-are-buying-cars-with-an-automatic-gearbox

Driving automatics are safer than manual cars because each time  you change gear in a manual car, you have to take one hand off the steering wheel whereas in an automatic car you can keep both hands on the wheel, meaning you have more control over your car whilst driving, which is particularly important when you spot a hazard and have to react quickly.

When our automatic driving instructors adopt a client centred coaching approach to the in car training environment during the driving lesson, pupils are encouraged to learn at their own pace while our instructors exist in a supportive role to guide them towards their driving goals.

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