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Driving Schools Nottingham

Driving Schools Nottingham


Driving Schools pupils could find themselves paying a lot more money if the DVSA decides to go ahead with plans to increase the number of hours a driving school pupil must take before attending the practical driving test at any of the UK driving test centers.

Recently it was put forward that learners should have take a minimum of 120 hours of driving lessons spread over at least 1 year of practical driving before they are allowed to attempt a driving test, with 20 of those driving lessons having to be in the dark. Only driving lessons with a professional driving instructor would actually count towards your 120 driving hours and driving schools and driving instructors would have to sign off those driving hours, meaning that any extra driving lessons you do with parents or friends would not count. Which of course would increase the financial cost involved and potentially ensuring that independent driving instructors stayed fully booked for at least a year. Pupils would really need to sign up with large driving schools similar to ourselves who have multiple driving instructors so can guarantee you driving lessons with an immediate start. Obviously these are only driving test proposals and nothing is set in stone and are suggestions made with the best intention with increased Road Safety in mind

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