Nottingham Driving School Reviews

Some Nottingham driving school reviews from a few pupils of our driving school in Nottingham where pupils give instructor reviews of their experience of their Elevate Driving School Instructor and their positive driving school reviews of their time while training at our Nottingham Driving School, their tuition car and driving test pass result…


driving instructor Nottingham reviews

driving instructor Nottingham reviews

Absolutely amazing driving school! After trying to learn numerous times over that last 8-10 years I finally found Elevate and more importantly Jeanette! She was patient with me from day 1 and even on the days I was flipping rubbish on a lesson she was supportive!!!
Highly recommended!!!!!! : Katrina Banks Nottingham

Baz is a professional highly recommended : Nicola Porter Nottingham

brilliant driving instructor rob mclean is he helped me very well with what i needed to work on to pass my test and and ended up passing my driving test first time thank you:-) : Ren Cooke Nottingham

Absolutely the best driving school ever, big thank you to Julian for his patience, professionalism and lovely personality. I passed first time and I’m very very happy!!! Very recommended 🙂 Beata Lane Nottingham

I passed first time easily but all the thanks to Keith and elevate totally the best  : Shane Big-Daddy Betts Nottingham

Big thank you to Elevate and Paul King , who at very late notice were able to support my son though his driving test. After being let down at the last minute by another instructor/driving school.
Paul did a great job in just a few lessons, he enabled my son to wizz through. Great doing business with you. Highly recommend.: Steff Webber Nottingham

Best driving school ever!! Julian give me all the support I needed and help me a lot! I had in the pass 5 different driving instructors but non of then give me the support that I needed ever thor I get confuse with my right and left, Julian is the best one that I ever had 10/10 🙂 I passed with him with only 3 minor 🙂 : Sandra Bogdanovic Nottingham

“Elevate is the Best dont even Think about the Rest!” That should now be their motto! 🙂 I passed my driving Test 1st time and all this was thanks to lots of time, dedication and patience from the lovely Jeanette Musson! I had a great time- she knows how to do her job well: She always turn up on time with a big smile on her face – made me feel, calm confident and at ease behind the wheel at all times. We practiced everything thoroughly under her close supervision. Im gonna miss my driving buddy – especially our shopping chit-chats! 😉 And the Elevate website Revise section was excellent for practising Show me Tell me – which I did brilliantly as well!Thanks so much – I truly appreciate it! 😀 : Michelle Shelly Mashiri Nottingham

I Passed my test last Monday bought a car wednesday was taxed and insured Thursday and on the road. Ive just been shopping and how good did it feel to put my shopping in the boot and not have to wait for a taxi. GREAT : Sharon Swift Nottingham

Driving Test Pass - Elevate

Driving Test Pass- Elevate

Driving Instructor in car on a Driving Test

It’s important for all our driving school pupils to know that they are allowed to take their driving instructor in car on your Driving Test and your driving instructor can also be present as the driving examiner gives you your driving test result at the end of your driving test drive. Your driving instructor can also listen in to the feedback given by the driving examiner at the end of your driving test which will undoubtedly help you to understand how you drove throughout the test conditions and could help you plan and tailor any corrective tuition needed to help you prepare for your next driving test if you did not pass this time and could also help you prepare and plan for any further training that you may wish to take in the future as part of your ongoing training and driving development for example like the Pass Plus Program…

Contrary to popular belief it is a myth that your driving instructor has any element of control over your driving test result, the result is all about how you performed throughout your driving test and the onus is on you the driving test candidate to demonstrate the ability expected and required by the driving examiner to pass your driving exam..

Remember that some car hire companies do not allow their cars to be used for driving test purposes and the DVSA will not conduct driving tests in any hire car not insured for driving tests or instruction and the hire car must be fitted with dual controls and meet the other driving test vehicle criteria

Crash Courses Nottingham - Intensive Driving Courses

Crash Courses Nottingham – Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses in Nottingham – Crash Courses in Nottingham

Our Nottingham based Crash Courses Driving School offers top quality Intensive Driving Courses in Nottingham – Crash Courses in Nottingham and the local surrounding areas. So if you are looking to pass your driving test fast in Nottingham on a Fast Track 1 week driving crash course or something similar, why not go for our 1 Week Crash Driving Course at only  £404 ( no hidden extras, the price is exact ). We have fully qualified driving instructors in Nottingham, who specialize in 1 week crash courses and could help you to pass your driving test extremely quickly. Unlike other driving schools or driving instructors who offer a Fast Track Driving Course with “Prices starting from ” etc etc, ours is a fixed price. You basically book in advance to start in the 7 days preceding your test day which is usually taken on a Friday, take lessons every day with your Crash Course Driving Instructor in Nottingham, so no extra financial payments to an expensive B&B in a sea side resort or in a town or city that you are not familiar with. We provide that Crash Course Driving service right here in Nottingham and the local Towns and areas in the East Midlands and the added bonus is that lots of people do actually pass on our Crash Courses in Nottingham, basically because of our coaching and Client Centered techniques used throughout your Intensive Driving Course and of course our hand picked driving instructors who specialize in crash driving courses, our Fast Track Driving Courses really do work. Short notice tests can be made available – so call our Office today on 01158 717475  for further information.

Elliotts School of Motoring

Driving Schools in Long Eaton

Valentines Day Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

With Valentines Day only a day away, why not treat that someone special to an Elevate Driving School gift voucher and choose from 1 of 2 of our most popular Gift Voucher ideas for Total Beginners which are either your first 10 hours of driving lessons in Nottingham for only £145.00 or your first 8 hours of driving lessons for only £99.. As one of the most popular driving schools around, you can find our driving school on Facebook or on Twitter and see our driving school cars all over Nottingham and Derby as we provide manual car driving lessons and automatic car driving lessons with manual and automatic driving instructors in Nottingham and driving instructors in Derby so call Elevate Driving School now on 01158 717475 or text 07811788760.

Robin Hood Nottingham and Elevate Driving School in Nottingham.

Robin Hood Nottingham and Elevate Driving School in Nottingham.

Here at Elevate Driving School in Nottingham we are always looking at ways to save our driving schools pupils money in any way possible, whether that be through cheap introductory offers for our driving schools new customers or when our driving schools pupils pass their test 1st time. Or on simple clear advice on motoring matters such as Young Drivers Cheap Car Insurance in the East Midlands and UK.

Young drivers who pass their driving test then decide to install a Blackbox inside their car that records their driving habits can save up to 20 per cent on their motor insurance, according to recent information. Blackbox technology can save younger newly passed drivers as much as £212, or 14.2 per cent on average for premiums, according to comparison driving insurance website  Not a new technology as it first came to England in 2008 and has really taken off in popularity since and works by monitoring a number of driving styles, habits and factors including the time of day young drivers use their car, how they accelerate and how they brake, as well as monitoring what types of roads are commonly used by the young driver in particular.

Moneysupermarket themselves analysed over 12 million car insurance quotes throughout the course of last year and found that Blackbox insurance policies were being offered to almost 16 percent young drivers.  Most Blackbox policy holders are young people who are considered a bigger risk for insurance companies and who do not have long histories of not making claims that would make their insurance cover cheaper.  The survey revealed that drivers most likely to be offered a Blackbox policy were drivers in the 17-19 age bracket, with almost half in this age band likely to be offered a Blackbox policy, followed by almost 30 percent of 20-24 year olds.

Fast Track Driving Crash Course in Nottingham

Fast Track Driving Crash Course in Nottingham

Fast Track Driving Crash Course in Nottingham

Kalem from Arnold in Nottingham after taking an Elevate Fast Track Driving Crash Course in Nottingham easily passed his driving test 1st time today with Intensive Crash Course Specialist Tan in our Audi Sports Car with only 2 minor faults at Colwick Driving Test Center in Nottingham 5th February 2015, Congratulations Kalem and well done. If you live in Arnold and would like to do a fast track  intensive Driving Course in Nottingham  or Fast Track Driving Crash Course in Nottingham or better still would like to try our Popular Guaranteed Pass Driving Course which includes 3 driving test attempts and become another of the 1000’s of successful and happy pupils who have passed their driving test with an Elevate Driving School Instructor. Whether you are in Gedling, Colwick, West Bridgford, Arnold in Netherfield or Burton Joyce and don’t have the time just like Kalem to do regular lessons each week and would prefer to condense everything and pass your test in a matter of weeks then call our driving school office immediately on 01158 717475.

driving schools in West Bridgford

driving schools In West Bridgford

Elevate driving school fully appreciates that better trained drivers are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, so our driving instructors in West Bridgford and the rest of Nottingham and Derby, ensure we train our driving schools pupils to reach the standards set by the DVSA and the UK Government. Our driving instructors in Nottingham and our driving instructors in Derby do this by teaching our driving school pupils the behaviour’s and skills needed not only to pass their driving test but we also ensure that we help to instill the attitudes required for our students to drive safely and responsibly long after our driving school pupils have passed their driving test. Our driving school constantly monitor’s how our driving instructors deliver their daily driving lessons and we always look for ways to improve both how we deliver the information needed for pupils to become safe drivers for life but our driving school also monitors how that information is being received by our students and also how our instructional techniques impact on our driving school students. With fabulous offers such as 8 hours for only £99 for total beginners it is no wonder that students like Elliott from West Bridgford, pictured with the post, chose to use Elevate driving school to take driving lessons in West Bridgford and also to pass his driving test at a local driving test center in Nottingham.


If you are considering booking driving lessons in West Bridgford or contemplating local driving instructors in West Bridgford who will not only teach and instruct your son or daughter to a standard that will help them pass their driving test but also complimented by simultaneously encouraging them to be a courteous and pleasant road user and if you are looking for value for money introductory offers like your first 10 driving lessons for only £145, then there can only be one driving school in West Bridgford that you should be calling to Elevate your child’s level of learning..

driving lessons in West Bridgford Nottingham

driving lessons in West Bridgford Nottingham

Elevate Driving School is one of the larger driving schools in Nottingham and we can see that the UK has one of the best road safety records in the World and of course Nottingham included, but more could be done to prevent deaths and serious injuries of drivers in Nottingham.

At Elevate driving school we too believe that by improving the skills and attitudes of drivers, and by providing better road safety education and training, the government could further reduce the cost of emergency services, health and welfare services, insurance, traffic congestion, as well as the personal cost to people affected by road collisions. Driving schools in Nottingham like ours pride ourselves on the fact that we have helped hundreds of driving school pupils in the last year and overall thousands of residents of Nottingham and Derby all to pass their driving test in Nottingham and the assistance of our team of hand picked highly regarded driving instructors is regularly putting newly trained driving test candidates on the roads of Nottingham and Derby using up to date and modern teaching techniques. To help make the roads of Nottingham and Derby safer, our driving school is committed to only allowing suitably trained driving school pupils attend for driving test, our driving instructors don’t just teach people to pass their driving test, we teach you the driving skills and road awareness that you will need to make you a better driver in the long term, basically at Elevate Driving School you will be taught a driving skill for life.

Driving Schools Nottingham

Driving Schools Nottingham


Driving Schools pupils could find themselves paying a lot more money if the DVSA decides to go ahead with plans to increase the number of hours a driving school pupil must take before attending the practical driving test at any of the UK driving test centers.

Recently it was put forward that learners should have take a minimum of 120 hours of driving lessons spread over at least 1 year of practical driving before they are allowed to attempt a driving test, with 20 of those driving lessons having to be in the dark. Only driving lessons with a professional driving instructor would actually count towards your 120 driving hours and driving schools and driving instructors would have to sign off those driving hours, meaning that any extra driving lessons you do with parents or friends would not count. Which of course would increase the financial cost involved and potentially ensuring that independent driving instructors stayed fully booked for at least a year. Pupils would really need to sign up with large driving schools similar to ourselves who have multiple driving instructors so can guarantee you driving lessons with an immediate start. Obviously these are only driving test proposals and nothing is set in stone and are suggestions made with the best intention with increased Road Safety in mind

driving test Nottingham

driving test Nottingham

Driving test candidates could be in for some changes in the future which may affect how driving lessons will be conducted here at Elevate Driving School.

In the biggest DVSA shake up in more than two decades as among other things, the three-point turn could be dropped from driving tests after the government indicated its intention to consider bringing the driving test more in line with the requirements of modern every day driving. Learners may  also be asked to use a satellite navigation system as part of a revised practical driving exam and the left reverse or corner reverse could be replaced for example with an exercise that could involve driving test candidates being asked to reverse out of a parking bay.